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What is Spiritual Coaching?


Spiritual coaching provides a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their connection to their current and developing  beliefs, values, desires, highest and innermost selves. One-on-one coaching with a trained and compassionate professional can help to bring about insight, healing, a sense of peace, and overall wellbeing. 

Exploring our connection to something greator then ourselves, to our higher self, and to the universe around us helps to create a deeper understanding of who we are, and cultivates an even stronger connection to one’s spirituality.

**Please note, spiritual coaching is not the same as engaging in traditional mental health counseling, therapy, or psychotherapy. If you would like to begin a search to find a licensed mental health professional, clicking on this text will take you to Psychology Today which is a great place to start.**

How spiritual coaching can help me

Spirituality can mean various things to different people. In general, it involves the realization and recognition, a belief, a feeling, perhaps a deep understanding, that there is something greater than oneself. For some this can mean an outside force at work, helping to guide our lives and those around us. For others there is a deep feeling of connection to the universe as a whole or perhaps to one’s own higher self. Whatever this “greater” notion is to you, this is what we would be speaking about when we talk about spirituality. The intense and grand nature of these ideas can, at times, bring questions, challenges, and issues which can be discussed and processed during spiritual coaching.

A Journey to Your True Self


For those who are going through what some might call a “spiritual awakening” there is a call to a higher consciousness and perhaps state of deeper mental awareness. This process typically shifts your worldview, transforming you on a personal level and shifting your mindset. This shift in mindset can sometimes be off-putting, strange, and at times distressing while at the same time beautiful and joyous. These issues and others related to spiritual awakening and spirituality in general can be processed and embodied during work in spiritual coaching.

Challenges of Awakening

Once we begin to understand our spiritual selves, our cosmic and eternal selves, this changes the way we view our current lives. A “Spiritual Awakening” is often described as an eye opening and challenging process. Some of these challenges include:

– New or modified religious or spiritual beliefs

– Changes in values

– Relationship difficulties

– Identity questions

– New or modified sense of purpose (or questions regarding purpose)

Spiritual counseling can help us address some of these new understandings.


“What I learned during my pleasurably relaxing session, has revolutionized my approach to self-improvement, and provided key insights into the root causes of emotional trauma I’ve been dealing with throughout my life.”

Emilie P.


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