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Kathryn Barnes has a Master’s of Science in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University and has been a Licensed Practicing Counselor Associate for three years. In her therapy practice she works with individuals and those in partnerships processing a wide range of concerns including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, issues related to neurodiversity, partner communication, navigating life transitions, and more.

Years before she went into the helping fields, she became interested in and researched the study of past life regression. She felt drawn to learn more regarding the insights that one can attain while exploring the memories of those past lives. During her study of counseling she became more and more interested in all of the many methods of healing which eventually led her to seek out more education in PLR and became a certified Past Life Regression specialist by the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute in addition to her work as a therapist. Kathryn is passionate about helping those who are searching for insights and healing, who want to explore, who want to find meaning, and who want to more deeply understand their purpose.  

What Past Life Regression Has Meant To Me

My professional training, research, and interest is mainly based in Existential Counseling Theory. Existential theory is deeply rooted in the exploration and understanding of some of life’s biggest, ultimate, concerns. These concerns include loneliness, death, meaninglessness, and the anxiety that can arise when confronting these kinds of concepts and experiences. This humanistic theory emphasizes and explores all of the potentials and possibilities of discovering and becoming who we really are. Past Life Regression aligns with these ideas and concepts seamlessly. I felt drawn to this modality of discovery in a way very similar to the way I felt drawn to Existential Theory in my counseling work. This is simply another avenue, in my opinion, of self-discovery, self-exploration, meaning-making, and potential connection with our highest purpose.

– Kathryn Barnes 

Spiritual Coaching

Regardless of your belief system, insights that arise from a past life experience can sometimes lead to questions of a more spiritual nature. In spiritual coaching you can deepen your connection to your beliefs, to yourself, and to understanding your purpose in this life.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a modality for guided personal journey through the exploration of past lives and past iterations of self.  To begin your search for insights and healing, to explore, to find meaning, and to more deeply understand your purpose, click below to learn more.

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