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What is Past Life Regression?


Past Life Regression is a method for healing and exploration that uses gentle breathwork, relaxation, and hypnosis techniques to access memories and experiences from past lives. This process can help individuals explore their inner world, to gain helpful and healing insights, to find meaning in their lives, and more deeply understand their purpose.

More About PLR

Past Life Regression (PLR) is based on the belief that our souls are eternal and, from one lifetime to the next, carry with them all of the experiences, memories, lessons, and knowledge they have gained. The PLR process uses gentle breathwork, relaxation, and hypnosis techniques to access memories and experiences from these past lives. The process of deep relaxation brings an individual into a state of trance similar to, but slightly deeper than that of meditation. This process can help the conscious, more judgmental, and analytical parts of our mind to relax and give way to access the deeper memories held within the subconscious.

PLR can connect an individual much more deeply to their inner world, to their more expansive awareness, and to the parts of themselves that hold ancient knowledge they may now be ready to learn. All of these possibilities can be helpful and healing in many ways. PLR is a path toward fascinating discoveries and powerful healing. 

Past Life


If you are wondering what a past life regression experience looks and feels like, please read the examples included here. These are examples of the real experiences that some of my clients have had and with their permission, I am happy to share them with you here. 

A Simple Life

A Peaceful and Powerful Experience

CL (client) regressed into a past life of a man who loved exploring and resided in a simple village with his family. CL reports a lovely experience of spending time at his large wooden kitchen table talking to his son. CL reports feeling proud and happy with his son and reports a connection between this past life son and his current life son (perhaps they are incarnated together again in this life). CL later describes a sad but beautifully powerful death scene as he lays on the ground under a tree on his property. CL reports that the purpose of this simple life was to merely “experience the beauty of life” and to notice the happiness all around just as it is. CL left with a sense of peace and joy from this experience and a reminder to continue to find the beauty in the simplicities of life, to slow down, to find connection, and to appreciate what’s in front of him.

The Raven

An unexpected Experience

CL (client) reports seeing a desert and looking down, seeing the feet of a raven, reports feeling surprised and laughs. CL describes their waddling walk, their pecking and foraging behaviors, and the feeling of flying. When asked if there was anyone else with them, CL reports that there is one other raven with them, their mate, reporting that “they are always together”. CL describes flying over stone castles and a river, describing pleasant feelings while flying, feeling content. As CL describes the scene of her death in her nest with her mate, CL reports feeling cared for, an overwhelming sense of connectedness and love, both for and by her mate, feeling safe yet sad at the moment of her death. CL expressed the purpose of this life was simply to live fully, to feel the freedom of a body in flight.

Fear of Spiders

An Insightful and Healing Experience

CL (client) presents with a desire to explore her current life fear of spiders. CL, once regressed, describes herself as a young woman with curly blond hair (noticeably very different from her current life hair-type) who lived somewhere in Europe in a very simple home. CL reports that she is the sole caregiver for herself and her siblings, reporting a feeling that her parents in that life had perhaps died and were no longer in the picture. CL describes her experience in this past life as the caregiver for her family and caretaker for their property and household as a stressful one, but not without a sense of accomplishment and purpose. CL reports that she has to do it all herself because there is no one around her to ask for help. CL describes a scene in her home, the house was not heating, she realized that she needed to clean the chimney. CL then describes the terror she feels as she cleans the chimney and is surprised by spiders falling from above down onto her. I (Kathryn, PLR specialist and facilitator) was able to provide calming cues and guided CL to move outside of her home, to brush the spiders off of herself and to reflect on the experience. Upon awakening, CL reports the insight she came to. that her fear of spiders in her current life is less of a fear and more of a reminder from her past self. CL takes with her this deeply embodied reminder that when she feels this fear or even sees a spider, this may be a time in her life when she may need to remember to reach out for help, for support, that perhaps she is taking on too much.

Other Experiences

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Past Life Regression Therapy has been gaining popularity in the past few years, and for good reason. It works. Below are links to more articles about the PLR experience.

Experience the Power of Your Subconscious

If you are interested in Past Life Regression and want to learn more, click the link below to schedule a consultation.

Guided Journey

Join Kathryn for a short guided meditation where we will co-create a safe space to relax and reconnect. At just less than 8 minutes, this brief, guided imagery meditation and relaxation exercise will give you an idea of what to expect during the beginnings of a PLR session. 


“I went into the experience of past life regression with a little hesitation about the process. But it was honestly the single most powerful therapeutic experience I have ever partaken in. Whether you believe past lives or real or not doesn’t matter. This experience transcends all of that logic and taps into your mind in a beautiful way. Highly suggest.”

Rue M.


“I had a great experience doing a past life regression therapy session with Kathryn! I had never participated in any sort of exercise or therapy like this, and was not completely sure what to expect. She did a fantastic job explaining the process, answering my questions, and then guiding me through the experience. It was a resounding success, and I came away with a lot of good talking and thinking points related to aspects of myself that I don’t often consciously think about. I can’t wait to do it again!”

David C.


“Kathryn was wonderful at facilitating and holding space during my past life regression. I felt safe and open to explore. This session helped me to integrate aspects of myself that want to come out and play. I highly recommend you work with Kathryn to gain further insight into yourself. She’s very authentic and puts you at ease.”

Michelle M.


“My session with Kathryn was my first experience with hypnosis and past life regression. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t really know whether or not I believed I had past lives even though I was open to the idea. I was surprised and excited that my session brought up some images/memories for me that were very emotional. I highly recommend Kathryn as a past life regression specialist! I would encourage anyone who is curious about the possibility of past lives to book a session, even if you’re a little skeptical.”

Lori D.

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